Until all.

I fall into apophenia. Watch as it bends into twists of life.

Lay me here, to the harp plucked sky where fabric falls into a motionless moment of unwashed seas.
Stare deep within a thousand galaxies, yours of mine, each one slender chandeliers in velvet chorus. Of pupils, of burning falling caverns surrounded by stalactites – hidden by your fear of the sun, as the years create origami memories. You out stared it once, and the paintings inside your eyes showed your imagination. You, instantly feared eternal sight loss.

No more landscapes.

A voice reverbs across your chest and each note, every pause of breath is yours. Into the deep of dark.

Don’t be scared, the inertia of a dancing mind. Happy the greatest fear I know, but I will not let the room reverberate such words. Shadowed, longing for the man of moon to hear my words.


Each quiver. I pull an anchor within my stomach, the only water left is the tea swishing across the fortune tellers cup.

Fear hides in the cracks of walls, so run into the woods and gaze into the greens of all things.

Splash through a puddle and let no man stop you dreaming, here.

Recorded, you hold each breath trying to burn each moment inside.
A memory caught on the sea air, a feeling stirs experience a lick of salt. These memories held across a mountain made of sand.

A sculpture made of driftwood and pastel doors. Each moment. Hangs.

Confidently, stop this grip of perception. Until infinite mirror shards run across the waves of my freckled skin.

Until all is burnt away with a smile.