Rich Batsford Cello Song

Rich Batsford creates beautiful music.
I used this beautiful music to meditate and guide what I should create, it was also guided by conversations about life and routines we get into.
The cycles, the problems we encounter that we refuse to change, they are comforting. We look for excitement elsewhere and yet do not really embrace change, slowly these fill up changing the landscape of ourselves. At first ourselves are like little drops that grow but life is so irregular you cannot just grow and grow, you disperse. Like the routines we live begin to entrap us. Until we make changes, what first excites us becomes dull and we look to go back.
Changes can be subtle and delicate and we can be oblivious unless we are truely looking at ourselves. Sometimes it is best to break free, sometimes it is best to consider ourselves as a part of the universe. Ever changing. Always beautiful. The only way to do this is not distraction, but always changing with flow, allowing all things to change us. Take risks and think more. Journey inside our imagination.
It is driven also by my own hand, hoping to look for the one organic real moment of perfection when instinct that drives becomes what it is to be. As my hands, trained to perform to key into bodily instinct and waiting for the moment my mind and body become one, completing the cycle.
Break the routine, be happy on your travels and then find calm.We are all the universe.