Ynys Enlli – Bardsey Island

This was a residency which was part of the Cymylau Tystion Project.

Enlli is a place so rich in cultural heritage. Ciara O’ Flynn and myself were on an island for two weeks, no electricity, no heating, no water supply and no phones. At first we explored the island and made many new friends, swapped stories and understanding. Then we started to collaborate.

Whilst the hiss of Irish Radio played, we built a sculpture out of cattle feeders. The boundaries of space, comfort and geo-psychography were investigated. Late at night driven by island madness, we created a performance of light and danced until the early hours. This was then documented.

We used this opportunity to also really research and revise our experiences of Darowen. In between Ireland and Wales there we were remembering Darowen a mile square in Wales.

This would have not been possible without: Bardsey Island Trust, Celtic Neighbours and many more.