Response to Ystwyth Books

Response to Ystwyth Books 2013

This was week long intensive residency. Responding to space the within the spaces, or, the shelves of the Ystwyth Book Shop. The work was curated by Hannah Mann. Other artists included Vivian Ezugha, Gaz Russell Williams and Fran Meath.

Looking at the bookshop I was overwhelmed by the feeling of knowledge slipping past me. Having realized I could not invoke osmosis to draw each hyphen into my soul. I sat flicking the pages, tactile, sensory objects and then accepted I knew what I must do.

Sitting in darkness, I performed a poem blindfolded to an audience I could only hear by listening for their breath, sometimes they would speak with me as I attempted to write a stream of consciousness.

Had I chosen to renege authorship?

Narratives are lost amongst the pages, mine was lost forever.

Here are some of the results: