Only Connect

Only Connect – Aberystwyth Arts 2012

“We make artificial rainbows, halo’s, and circles about light. We represent also all manner of reflexions, refractions, and multiplications of visual beams of objects” – New Atlantis, Francis Bacon

For this Project I worked alongside other artists, designers and dancers to create an interactive installation. Other collaborators included Edel O’ Reilly, Siriol Joyner, Sarah White and Rui Gato. The work was a retelling of the Welsh story “Cantref Gwaelod” a local myth, which is similar to that of Atlantis. I wished to use Cantref Gwaelod as a story which has always inspired me particularly when contrasted with the work of Francis Bacon’s “New Atlantis” due to my interest in folklore, language, metaphysics and science. While I assisted in many elements of the work, both conceptually and practically; my main focus was a video which was used as the main projection. The work itself was very collaborative, not one part could exist without the others (I believe this was down to the creative performance techniques given to us Joao Garcia Miguel). The video itself was a visual re-interpretation of five words, which were chosen by the dancers as part of their own scores of choreography: Submerge, Drown, Time, Peace and Frozen. The video had to also work while being projected onto a sculpture coated in Ogham shaped fractals responsive projections which were designed by Edel O Reilly.

This installation had three “modes”

– Sculpture – the Sculpture had the pre recorded video mapped onto each surface.
– Play mode – the audience could play with Ogham fractals and interact with projections on the structure.
– Performance mode – the installation was reacting to the performance through the interactive projections.

“Only Connect was an international gathering of multidisciplinary artists, directed by Joao Garcia Miguel, and supported technically by Andre Sier and Rui Gato, to create work using the latest live digital moving image and sound technology. The project culminated in a live performance on the 11 May 2012.”