Gwrando ar y Dwr – Listening To Water

Listening to Water – Gwrando ar y Dŵr
2012 – 2013

‘Os nad ydych yn edrych, mwy na thebyg ni fyddwch yn ei ffeindio – fel gêm o chwarae mig. Bydd sŵn y dŵr yn eich rhybuddio, os ydych yn stopio meddwl yn ddigon hir i’w glywed.’

Mae Gwrando ar y Dŵr yn archwiliad artistig sy’n edrych ar ein cysylltiadau synhwyraidd gyda’r dirwedd; sut mae gwrando yn effeithio ar ein synnwyr o leoliad? Sut gall symud edrychiad ganiatau i atseiniau hynafol ymddangos? – Rebecca Louise Collins


“‘If you’re not looking, you probably won’t find it – it’s like a game of hide and seek. The sound of water will alert you, if only you stop your thoughts long enough to hear it.’

Listening to water, Gwrando ar y Dwr is an artistic exploration investigating our sensory connections to the landscape; how might listening inform our sense of place? How can a shift in the gaze allow ancient resonances to appear?” – Rebecca Louise Collins


Over the period of a year in a group called “Performance in Practice” I worked collaboratively as one of three artists to create a performance.

We were from different types of artistic practices which allowed us to apply different disciplines, modes of thinking and forms to the work. We explored our relationship with the world beneath our feet, grounded ourselves in unheard history, washed steps furiously wasting water, recorded experiences, drank tea and created poetry.
Bringing our experiences, fragmented texts and visual research together was Rebecca Louise Collins, who also facilitated creative performance research techniques.

This culminated in a performance at the Arts Centre in May 2013 as part of Performance in Practice and was then commissioned by Green Man as a site specific performance.

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“Water is the driving force of all nature.” – Leonardo da Vinci