Golygu Golau – Edit/Meaning Light

Golygu Golau was a project devised and created alongside Ruth Hogg.

The meaning is light, it edits our view. Everything is light. Nothing is but darkness. I am but a molecule in between the spaces that breathe.

I am edited.

Golygu Golau was multidisciplinary installation that incorporated performance, video works, photography and found art. The theme of the work was light. We looked at the many dimensions of light and through shared conversations created many pieces to create one understanding of light. These works were sensory and time based.
In this project I created two different videos about the effect of light on my mental space, one on meditation and one about a disco in a pub. I utilized scientific theories of light also to create a piece of found art, refraction and shadows. I then also performed a poem about light and shared experience.

This was shown at the Studio Gallery in Aberystwyth. One of the videos was later shown at Colony Projects in Cardigan.